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Staying In Business With A Small Gift Basket Business

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Staying in business as a small gift baskets company requires that I work harder, sometimes I get the “Don’t care attitude” or “If I fly I fly or If “I sink I sink”, then the phone rings,an order comes thru and we re-group. The drive is back, along with applauds from our customer. Small business owners will tell you that the business can be tiresome and challenging. How do Baskets Galore by Sylvia hang-in there since 2004! despite the challenges of being a “SMALL BUSINESS”.

1. Stay informed and up-to-date about your type of business industrie

2. Be creative or learn the art of being creative (anybody can made a gift basket,
    even a child)....

3. Keep researching your type business and the creative products

4. Don’t copy others designs, think outside the box and design your own.

5. Don’t buy products unnecessary (waste of good money, take my word!)

6. Stick with your dream (until “YOU” have had enough!!)

7. Access your business from time to time to make adjustments and incorporate updates

8. Don’t be afraid to talk with other gift basket owners, I’ve received much help, tips and advice

    from other gift baskets owners

9. Lastly…. Market, Market, Market… Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

10. Look for cheap ways to market and advertise… (Small businesses don’t have
the funds to waste, so look for less expensive ways to let the public know.. “Open for Business”


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